Wonderful Weekend

This weekend we are off on our third road trip in four weeks. It’s been a lot of driving and a lot of packing and unpacking, but it’s actually been really fun and I think this weekend will be the best one yet. All of my siblings will be in Philly – we are staying at a hotel downtown, celebrating my oldest brothers 40th birthday and Georgie will get to spend time with her cousins Justin & Max. Even though it’s supposed to rain all weekend, I can’t wait! Also, yay for room service 🙂

Have a great weekend!!

A Few Things…

What Girls Got Right.

This summer salad looks delicious.

How to raise a confident kid.

The Thought Process of Drinking Iced Coffee. (Made me laugh.)

Yes Bill Nye, YES.

I challenge you to not cry while watching this. (Don’t worry, it’s a happy ending.)

This looks amazing and I need it.

This is such a great (and huge) list of toys to buy to keep your kids entertained on the airplane.

A really beautiful post on motherhood. (Also those dresses are the BEST. I finally bought a few and I love them so very much.)

Do you watch Billions? This past week’s episode was the best one yet. SO GOOD!!

I am bookmarking this post on plant care – I would love to spruce up our front porch and backyard this spring!

Kate Middleton is a dream in so many ways, like what she says about motherhood.

A great summer dress, and a great summer sweater (both via this post.)

Ooo, this is exciting news!

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