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Well, I don’t know if you’ll even believe me when I tell you this – but I am recovering from being sick AGAIN. It feels like either me or Tom or Georgie are sick with something awful like once a week. It’s been so brutal and I just want winter to be over so all of these bugs can go away!!!

We had such a fun weekend with my friend from the city and her twins who are Georgie’s age (they have been friends since they were 8 months old – see below for picture cuteness) but then I woke up yesterday feeling really off. Headache, sore throat and cough, fever and just general tiredness. Then last night I got hit with crazy nausea, followed by throwing up every 20 minutes for a few hours. It was like the flu plus the stomach flu rolled into one, and I genuinely thought I was dying. (I’m really dramatic when I’m sick.) Luckily I woke up this morning feeling so much better. I still have a sore throat and cough and don’t feel 100%, but I think the worst is behind me.

Here’s to a healthy week!

A Few Things…

I just discovered this natural beauty blog which has become my new favorite.

Bill Nye’s new show is not going to save the planet, but it definitely looks like a breath of fresh air in this current political climate.

I loveeee this dress.

Made me laugh.

These are so tiny!!

How to reduce anxiety. (And a reminder to me that I need to get this.)

Basically the best news ever.

The French girl beauty formula.

I’m always looking for new podcasts – here’s a great list.

I’m kind of into this travel pillow.

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  1. Emily says:

    cute pics!!!! SO glad you are feeling better, my love.

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