A Cute Thing Georgie Does

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Georgie does this adorable thing where she just lays her sweet little head down and sucks on her fingers whenever she starts to get a little bit sleepy. No matter where she is, no matter what’s going on around her. She will be playing with her stuffed animals or looking around or rolling and chatting, and all of a sudden she stops and has a rest. I find it so precious, and it fills me with a feeling of pure joy – that I’m her mom and I’m able to watch her grow and learn and to be there to witness these little bits of her personality come to the surface.

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Six months old is a really fun age, and Georgie is such a delightful sweetheart. In addition to taking little breaks to rest, some of her favorite things these days are listening to Bob Marley, going to music class, chewing on mini Sophie or her popsicle teether during stroller walks, her bunny mobile (always post-nap), peek-a-boo under the comforter (or duvet as Tom calls it), the huge water fountain at Madison Square Park, and generally being delicious.

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