Birthday Lunch at Hillstone + Tips on Taking Baby Out to Eat


We all went out for lunch at Hillstone (our favorite neighborhood restaurant / favorite restaurant on the planet) to celebrate Tom’s birthday on Tuesday, and Georgina was having the absolute time of her life. She was smiling, giggling, dancing to the music, loving her cauliflower and just generally loving life. It was the sweetest. Then she started to get fussy just as we were finishing our entrees, so we had our last few bites of the world’s best chicken sandwich, quickly paid the check and got going.


We’ve done quite a few meals out with Georgie, and here are some things that work for us to help ensure they go as smoothly as possible, and that everyone enjoys themselves.


We time meals out with Georgie’s naps, and usually do lunch or brunch. She’s rested and alert and loves looking around and smiling at the waiters. We have done the occasional early dinner, but Georgie can get a bit fussy in the hour or so leading up to bedtime, so for us, heading out earlier in the day works best.

Food for Baby

As I mentioned in this post on starting solids, we love the Boon Baby Food Dispensing Spoon which we fill with Georgie’s puree and take out to eat with us. We also bring her water wipes, these puffs (thanks Carolyn for introducing us to them!!) and a lollacup filled with water. I think she really enjoys being a part of the action and eating along with us.

Extras for Baby

We try not to overwhelm the table with baby things, but we do bring a few toys for Georgie to play with / chew on. Usually her mini Sophie and another one of her favorites of the moment.


Hillstone has this amazing highchair that they screw onto the table when we eat there. I’m sure plenty of other restaurants have it as well, and we are actually considering buying our own because it’s so great. It puts Georgie at the perfect level so she is right there at the table with us, it’s safe, secure and small, so would be very easy to travel with. A lifesaver!


IMG_3430^She looks so tiny and adorable! Also, she is obsessed with this bib of hers and loves eating it. I think she thinks the hearts are little candies!? 

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