Wonderful Weekend


What a week! Monday night, Tom surprised me with tickets to the Bruce Springsteen concert. It was incredible (he is a magnificent, talented performer) but such a late night, and then Tom and I switched off every other night with evening plans out. I also finished this book, which was so good that it kept me up a few nights in a row – I couldn’t put it down.

This weekend I have a few brunches (here and here), and on Sunday we are heading up to the suburbs to check out a few houses.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

A Few Things…

Summertime must haves: just added two of these and one of these (scent: sweet tooth :)) to my shopping cart.

An adorable spring sweater.

My favorite hand cream is almost empty. Time to stock up!

The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland. (YES – let kids be kids!)

A great, well priced pair of scalloped sandals.

Georgina’s current favorite. Also this.

Be still my heart (my new crush).

Baby bedtime habits around the world. (Surprised with how late most babies go to sleep!! G has a 6:30pm bedtime over here.)

How to raise emotionally intelligent kids.

This perfume is perfect.

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